Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Safety First

How long does it last? How long is it shelf life?

How to use the Probiotic Maker?

How Many Strains & What Strains of ProBiotics?

How Do You Know When to Remove the Probiotic Maker and Place Bottle Into The Fridge?

Can I Use Milk Alternatives? Can I Use Almond Milk, Cashew Milk, Rice Milk, Soy Milk...?

How Do You Sweeten and Flavor?

What Is The Yellow Liquid?

How do I get thicker yogurt?

I am worried about heating plastic and toxic chemicals? Can I use glass bottles?

How Hot Will the Probiotic Maker Get? Do I Need to Worry About My Cat or Kids or Walls or Counters?

How do you Cancel or Change a Subscription/AutoShip?

Too Thick to Pour?

How Do You Clean the Probiotic Maker?

Can I Use Some of a Previous Batch as a Starter?

Can I Use Other Yogurt Starters?

The Shake Taste Sour - Is it a Bad Batch?

The Batch Smells Bad or the Bottle is Bloated or Has Pressure!

Doesn't Have Much Flavor?

Why is it Not Heating Up? It Appears to be Broken.

Can I Use Kefir Grains as Starters?