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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Safety First

How to use the Probiotic Maker

How Do You Know When to Remove the Probiotic Maker and Place Jug Into The Fridge?

How Do You Sweeten and Flavor?

Can I Use Milk Alternatives? Can I Use Almond Milk, Cashew Milk, Rice Milk, Soy Milk...?

How long will the yogurt/kefir last?

What Is The Yellow Liquid?

How do I get thicker yogurt?

I am worried about heating plastic and toxic chemicals? Can I use glass bottles?

How Hot Will the Probiotic Maker Get? Do I Need to Worry About My Cat or Kids or Walls or Counters?

How do you Cancel or Change a Subscription?

Too Thick to Pour?

How Do You Clean the Probiotic Maker?

Can I Use Some of a Previous Batch as a Starter?

Can I Use Other Yogurt Starters?

The Shake Taste Sour - Is it a Bad Batch?

The Batch Smells Bad or the Bottle is Bloated or Has Pressure!

Doesn't Have Much Flavor?

Why is it Not Heating Up? It Appears to be Broken.

How Many Strains of ProBiotics?

Can I Use Kefir Grains as Starters?