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2,000th Order!

We just shipped our 2,000th direct order! That is in addition to thousands of units shipped to other retailers, shopping channel, online shopping... and units sold at trade shows. Your efforts are paying off. There are thousands of new customers who are benefiting in so many ways. Thank you to all who have helped spread the word to help as many people as possible. Let's keep up the efforts and get to a million people helped in record time (you have already helped save over a million pieces of garbage). Thanks again, Merrick

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Quick & Easy Flavoring Ideas

Several people have given some great, easy ideas for flavoring. Remember to never add the flavoring before culturing - only add after growing the ProBiotics and cooling (e.g. artificial sweeteners can inhibit the ProBiotic growth). Crystal Light: Add to a finished bottle of fresh probiotics to sweeten and flavor Stevia & Lemon Extract: One customer adds to ProBiotics made from whole milk (Adkins or Keto Diet?). He says it tastes like lemon meringue pie. Flavor Packets: Some have used Kool Aid or other flavor packets for a quick way to flavor an entire bottle along with the sweetener amount and type of choice. Fresh or Frozen Fruit: Blend up the fruit and desired sweetener and add to an entire bottle...

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Cherry Flavored Drinkable Yogurt Recipe

Cherry Flavored Drinkable Yogurt Recipe 1 Gallon of Drinkable Yogurt made with your EZYogurtMaker and cooled completely 1.25 c sugar 1/3 c cherry flavoring like used to make cherry coke or rootbeer Pour out about 1 c of yogurt into previous jug or glass or bowl to make room for the flavoring (to about top of handle opening). Add sugar and cherry flavoring. Replace cap and shake to mix in the flavoring. Shake before each use to mix in flavoring and any whey (yellow liquid) that had separated. Enjoy and share with your friends and loved ones:-).

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Regular Vanilla Drinkable Yogurt/Kefir

Recipe: 1 Gallon of yogurt/kefir cultured and then cooled completely 1.25 c sugar 1/4 c vanilla flavoring Pour out some of the yogurt into a previous batch or a glass or bowl to make room for the flavoring (usually about 1 cup or just down from top of handle shoulder). Add sugar and vanilla flavoring. Replace cap. Shake to distribute the flavoring and break up the protein clumps. Often times I will hold upside down and shake to see if any sugar or vanilla has settled at the bottom.  Shake before each use to mix in the sweetener and to mix in any separation (e.g. yellow liquid whey that has separated as settled). Enjoy!

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Move to ProbioticMaker.com

I wanted to help as many people as possible so we used the EZYogurtMaker name so people could quickly understand the concept of making fresh probiotics. However this is way more than a yogurt maker. It is a premium product unlike anything in the world. It is better than all other options for probiotics: Pills/powders can take months to work and are extremely expensive Industrial yogurts and kefirs can be weeks old by the time you get them Making your own takes hours of prep and fills the sink with dishes Other methods ferment at either too hot or too cold so only get one type of probiotics Only have a limited number of strains (#1 pill only 1 strain, most...

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