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I wanted to help as many people as possible so we used the EZYogurtMaker name so people could quickly understand the concept of making fresh probiotics.

However this is way more than a yogurt maker. It is a premium product unlike anything in the world. It is better than all other options for probiotics:

  • Pills/powders can take months to work and are extremely expensive
  • Industrial yogurts and kefirs can be weeks old by the time you get them
  • Making your own takes hours of prep and fills the sink with dishes
  • Other methods ferment at either too hot or too cold so only get one type of probiotics
  • Only have a limited number of strains (#1 pill only 1 strain, most yogurt only 1 or 2 strains…)
This maker is unique for several reasons:
  • Works right in the bottle
  • Super easy with less than a minute prep
  • Doesn’t dirty a single dish
  • 11 different probiotics
  • Targets body temperature for both kefir(mesophilic) and yogurt (thermophilic) strains
The design is also premium in numerous ways:
  • 500 D Nylon outer (like used in Military gear)
  • Designer-dress elastic material (retails for 400% to 500% more)
  • Hand-made, inspired design after 27 generations of prototypes
  • Premium light-weight design using 100% recycled Graphite and Insulation
  • Environmentally Aware (already saved over 1,049,520 pieces of garbage from landfills!)
  • Overbuilt (UL certification company is requiring us to remove the grounding wire as product is overbuilt)
  • Versatile (also works with fat-free and milk alternatives)
  • Natural and Organic (only fresh milk and probiotics)

For these reasons we are shifting to the new name of as this is way more than yogurt and unlike any of the numerous old-fashioned yogurt makers.

Please help us spread the word to help as many people as possible.