Utah Father of 8 Invents World's First In-Jug Yogurt/Kefir Maker


Salt Lake City, Utah - April 6, 2017 "My family can go through 4 cases of yogurt in a day and a half" says Merrick Maxfield, a Utah father of 8, "my wife bought 4 yogurt makers because we couldn't afford to keep that up". Merrick, and his wife Jacqui, know the importance of ProBiotics, especially for developing children, but they don't like the expense and all the artificial ingredients in factory-made yogurts. ProBiotic powders and pills are expensive so the only option left for them was to make their own.

Unfortunately, making yogurt is time-consuming: heating up the milk stirring constantly, cooling down the milk, adding the starter, pouring into special containers, and finally putting those into old-fashioned yogurt makers, then cleaning a sink full of dishes. It can take up to 3.5 hours of preparation to make a single quart of yogurt.

Merrick, a natural inventor from his youth, knew there had to be a better way. So he set out to invent a better way to make yogurt. After 27 generations of prototypes and a new inspired manufacturing technology, the ShakeGenie™ was born. He had invented a way of making 32 servings of yogurt with only a minute of prep - all without dirtying a single dish! As 'icing on the cake' the product could now be made in the USA and utilize 100% recycled insulation and graphite.

Now he just adds a starter pack (11 different yogurt & kefir ProBiotics) to a fresh gallon of milk and puts on the ShakeGenie™ to culture fresh ProBiotics overnight. He then cools in the refrigerator and then flavors the entire gallon. His wife, the exhausted mother of 8th (youngest only 8 months), has not had to make or buy yogurt ever since. Merrick is happy too because he lost 24 pounds naturally without diet or exercise by simply using skim milk for completely fat-free ProBiotic shakes.

Getting to this point has not been easy. Jacqui and Merrick have been forced to move 19 times. This is Merrick's 44th venture and he is hoping it will be the one to finally "take off". They have endured Lockheed Martin going behind their backs for $2.6 million in contracts and General Motors suing them during a 5-year legal battle. There has been a variety of health and family challenges (e.g. a very painful emergency surgery on boils on a friend's couch on Christmas Eve). "Things will work out" Merrick says hopefully "they always do if you have faith and just keep doing everything you can".

It looks like this time things will work out if he can get the word out. "Once people see it or try it they instantly get it" Merrick says as he excitedly tries to name off all the benefits. Using the new product he lost a lot of weight, friends have seen miracles with their health, his kids love the shakes for breakfast and snacks, his father no longer stresses about unintended weight loss, everyone saves a ton of money and time...

"They say in marketing that you can only be one thing to one group of people but this product can help pretty much everyone and in every areas of their lives - time, money, health, appearance, mood, energy... It gives me a headache trying to narrow things down" Merrick laments "I want to help everyone". And he is doing just that.