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ProBiotic Egg Nog Recipe

Heat 8 eggs (some may want to use up to 16 per gallon) in a pan until reach 170 F (don't want to cook the eggs only have at that temperature for a couple of minutes to kill off any pathogens). Remove from heat. Add ~1.5 cups of sugar, nutmeg, cinnamon, vanilla... and dissolve into the eggs. (Don't use ground cloves as the temperature will not get hot enough to dissolve and it was a little gross:-). Cool the mixture down before adding to the a finished, cooled gallon of fresh ProBiotics. I sprayed some water on the bottom of the pan to cool quicker. You don't want to kill the ProBiotics by pouring in the egg mixture while it...

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EZYogurtMaker™ Chosen for Press Center Display

The EZYogurtMaker™ has been selected to be displayed in the Press Center for the 2019 International Home & Housewares Show. We are very grateful for this honor and opportunity to help as many people as possible with the new ProBiotic Maker.

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Inventors Corner & International Home & Housewares Show

The EZYogurtMaker™ been accepted into the Inventors Corner at the International Home & Housewares Show in Chicago March 2-5. This will be an exciting opportunity for the World to learn about this amazing new technology and product. There are reportedly over 24,000 buyers for retail, online stores, catalogs, big box stores... and 55,000 attendees! The ProBiotic Maker will also be featured in the New Product Showcase.

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1,000th Order!

We shipped our 1,000th order on July 19th.   Thank you to our amazing customers to help us reach this milestone so quickly. We want to thank you for helping spread the word to help as many people as possible.

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Stop Dieting - No more "DIE"it's - how about a "LIVE"it instead

Several people have asked about weight loss success. Here is a simple anti-diet that I came up with a while ago that can help all of us get off of the self-torture diet routine. Most important tip is to fast-forward feeling full by drinking a tall glass of water after snack or meal (see below) to instantly satisfy cravings and boost will power. ----- 10 Un-Diet No more "DIE"its - Finally a "LIVE"it where you can eat what you really want whenever you want. Have you tried all the fad diets, weight-loss trends, exercise products/programs...? Do you torture yourself every New Year(or every week) with some exotic or expensive diet or exercise program? How would you like to be like...

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