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Utah Father of 8 Invents World's First In-Jug Yogurt/Kefir Maker

  Salt Lake City, Utah - April 6, 2017 "My family can go through 4 cases of yogurt in a day and a half" says Merrick Maxfield, a Utah father of 8, "my wife bought 4 yogurt makers because we couldn't afford to keep that up". Merrick, and his wife Jacqui, know the importance of ProBiotics, especially for developing children, but they don't like the expense and all the artificial ingredients in factory-made yogurts. ProBiotic powders and pills are expensive so the only option left for them was to make their own. Unfortunately, making yogurt is time-consuming: heating up the milk stirring constantly, cooling down the milk, adding the starter, pouring into special containers, and finally putting those into old-fashioned...

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