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The Need

Having 8 kids, we are constantly looking for the healthiest and most economical way to take care of our children. We buy bulk whole grains & legumes and grind/roll/prepare for breakfasts, breads, baked goods… We want our kids to have ProBiotics because they are so critical to good health. In fact, Doctors are now prescribing ProBiotics (I never thought I would see the day) which shows how critical they are. In many parts of the world a ProBiotic drink is required for patients every morning at hospitals. Fresh ProBiotics like yogurt & kefir are extremely beneficial and probably the healthiest breakfast item you can have. ProBiotics have been show to help you avoid getting sick and fight many diseases in addition to helping you heal faster. So we needed a good source of ProBiotics for our family.

The Problem

ProBiotic pills or powders are extremely expensive and I would much rather give my kids fresh, live active ProBiotics than some dormant pills or powders that may or may not work.

Buying yogurt or kefir is expensive as well and they keep sneaking in scary ingredients even into the kids yogurt. (If aspartame wasn't a failed ulcer medicine they would have required a prescription to give to kids so how can they sneak it into food for kids!?! There ought to be a law!)

So we decided to make our own yogurt and bought 4 yogurt makers with 32 container cups and tops to make our own yogurt. Unfortunately making yogurt the old-fashioned way is a pain. You have to dirty pots & pans heating the milk up to 185° F. Then you have to let it cool until it hits 110-115°F(feels like forever and exposes to bad bacteria, some people fill their sinks with ice-water to speed up this process - ugh!). Finally you can add the starter and then incubate the mixture. My wife would pour into special containers with tops and place the cups into yogurt machines. It takes hours of prep time, uses special containers/thermometers/equipment, requires special sterilization…, and makes a mess of the kitchen, pots, pans, thermometer, special containers… Since it was so much work we wouldn't make up the yogurt very often so our kids went without any ProBiotics.

The Solution

As a natural problem solver, my motto has always been “There is always a solution, sometimes you just need to get more creative”. I realized that milk in a sealed jug has already been heat-treated and sterilized so there is no need to heat again up and let cool. Also, why not make, store, and dispense the yogurt all from the milk jug and never need to dirty a pot, thermometer, utensils, containers… Also, in the rest of the world people love drinkable yogurt so why not leave the whey protein and have drinkable yogurt too…

So I set about designing a new product to solve this problem. I had several design criteria that would be World First's:

  1. Make yogurt/kefir right in the milk bottle/jug
  2. Use skim milk to make fat-free yogurt/kefir (even though other makers say never use skim milk).
  3. Culture at body temperature rather than too cold(kefir) or too hot (yogurt). I wanted cultures that would thrive at body temperature so why not culture them at body temperature?! (I don't know why nobody has thought of this before!)

Some additional lofty goals included:

  • Least expensive source for ProBiotics, Yogurt, and Kefir (Save you $$$$ - I have 8 kids and can't afford to buy 4 cases of yogurt every few days!).
  • Easiest and fastest way to make fresh ProBiotics. (Who has up to 3.5 hours to prep a batch of yogurt?)
  • Made in the USA. (We need to create jobs here!)
  • Best tasting yogurt/kefir. (What good is a healthy and inexpensive product if people and kids won't enjoy and use it.)

These were incredibly lofty goals and something that nobody had been able to do before. I worked for months and months on dozens of designs. To produce in the USA, the product would have to retail for $249.95! Reluctantly, we tried to produce overseas but they couldn't do it right nor meet the nearly impossible, lofty goals.

Finally after months and months of development and 27 generations of prototypes, the perfect inspired design and manufacturing process was ready. The Probiotic Maker, the In-Jug Yogurt Maker™ was born. Now the optimum design is being produced right here in the USA for a fraction of the initial cost.

With the Probiotic Maker now there is a perfect solution to making yogurt at home. The benefits of the Probiotic Maker include:

  • Save Time: No time for breakfast? No worries - just pour and go. Don't have hours to prepare yogurt? Just 1 minute of prep time for an entire gallon of yogurt! 
  • Save Money: Save up to $25 or more with every single use as you can make the exact same as 32 yogurts or 64 yogurt tubes! As low as pennies per serving! 
  • Feel Better: Healthiest Breakfast available with ProBiotics, Protein, Vitamins, Calcium, Potassium... Tastes great and ultra healthy.
  • Lose Weight: Control hunger with Protein & Whey and feel full for hours! Eat more frequently to boost your metabolism. Obesity and Type 2 diabetes are associated with changes in gut microbiota so eating yogurt/kefir can restore probiotics. 
  • No Mess: No washing dishes/pots/pans, no boiling/sterilizing, no preheating/cooling, no thermometer, no timers, no pots/pans, no containers to wash every time...

Our family started benefiting from the Probiotic immediately. The kids now have a ready-to-go, healthy breakfast for when they are in a hurry. They enjoy a nighttime snack that helps them go to bed and sleep better. Our visits to the doctor's office have dropped over 75%, especially during strep, ear-infection, and flu season.

Lost 24 pounds without exercise making my own yogurt protein shakes probiotics.

I continued to use whole milk for the kids and started using skim milk for Mommy and me. As a result I lost over 24 pounds without any exercise! I don't drink milk and I continued to re-break my foot when I would exercise for about 7 years. After enjoying the yogurt/kefir, I have been able to exercise again and have not re-broken my foot since! I must have been missing something like the calcium, vitamin D or the other 9 essential minerals and nutrients because I haven't  been drinking milk for decades.

So many others have been enjoying similar health benefits, cost savings, time savings, and enjoying the delicious taste. We hope you get the opportunity to benefit as much as we all have.

In fact, my wife recently contacted me as she was concerned the neighborhood kids had just had 4 servings each and were begging for more. I replied "And? It is really good for them and it is very inexpensive. Let them have all they want:-)". When have you heard of kids begging for something that is good for them (and super inexpensive)?!!

We are very grateful that so many people are benefiting from an inspired product that is blessing our family. Please help spread the word to help as many people as possible.

Thanks for all you do to help spread the word to help as many people as possible!


Father of 8 and of the Probiotic Maker


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