Simple Trick to Fight Coronavirus COVID-19 - Life Hack - Video

Please see bottom of page for ideas for Immediate Ventilator Solutions.

ABC Protocol 

Inspired Solutions to Prevent Spread of Corona Virus

 "All the water in the world can't sink a ship unless it gets inside"

All the viruses in the world can't infect a person unless they get inside!

Avoid Touching Face/Stinky Hands: Place strong warning scent on your hands to alert you before you inadvertently touch your eyes, nose, or mouth and self-infect (how most infections get into the body). The warning scent can be vapor/chest/muscle rub, adding spice or scent or essential oils to hand sanitizer/lotion/petroleum jelly…, rubbing some spices/oils on your hands/between fingers/under nails… The goal is for you to notice before you inadvertently infect yourself by touching your face (we touch our face 24+ times per hour on average & viruses can last 5 hours on your hands = over 120 chances to give yourself a virus!)

Boost Immune System: Boost your immune system with fresh probiotics and fresh/frozen fruits & veggies… You want a good variety of types and bright colors. Also stay hydrated. Make homemade rehydration (ReHy) drink with ½, 1, 2, 2/3 recipe – ½ teaspoon salt (or salt alternatives with other electrolytes), 1 drink flavor packet (e.g. KoolAid - not necessary but nice to have a flavor), 2 quarts/liters of water, 2/3 cup sugar (a third less sugar than normal as too much sugar and your cells can’t absorb properly and actually takes water out of your system to dilute to process). You can also water down natural juices (maybe 25% to 33% additional water) and add a little salt. It should taste smooth with just barely a hint of saltiness right at the end (not too sugary or too salty).

Contain Coughs and Sneezes: Sneeze or cough down your shirt or into your elbow (keep hands away from spray of germs – like a dabJ) or use a face mask. The goal is to keep from contaminating surfaces (including your own hands) where others can get germs (handshake, handles, doors, toys, food, electronics…) or coughing/sneezing into the air where it could get into another’s eyes (even if they are wearing a mask), nose, or mouth. To reduce coughing try eating a spoonful of peanut butter (I call throat lotion) to coat your throat.

Please help us spread the word to help as many people as possible.

Merrick, Inventor


Immediate Ventilator Solution Ideas

I am just a crazy inventor with a lot of inspired ideas for solutions to life's problems. Here are a few crazy ideas to spur immediate solutions for the need for ventilators.

- Convert CPAP and BIPAP to Ventilators: Make ventilators out of readily available CPAP and BiPAP machines (already have millions of machines available with controls/pumps/valves... Connect to intubation hoses (and add back pressure valve/method for CPAP). Monitor breathing and evacuate tube any time restriction builds up (as not automatic/alarmed).

- Parallel/piggy-back ventilators to use one ventilator for 2 to 8 patients. It is not the ideal solution but better than letting people die. Use splitters in hoses for immediate solution(parallel air flows) or piggy-back signals (parallel electrical controls/splice into signal wires) for additional pumps/valves (one machine controls multiple pump/valve setups).

-Parallel/Concentric tubes with direct oxygen (last resort). Intubate parallel tubes or smaller tube inside larger tube. Have one(or inner) tube longer than outer tube and use one for input of oxygen and other for exhaust. Use pressure valve/restriction on exhaust to keep back pressure/lungs inflated. Could pulse the flow of the input with crude pulsing device if necessary. Control the O2 flow/pressure to maintain blood oxygen level. Evacuate the longer tube/exhaust tube as necessary (must monitor breathing).

These are just ideas to spur immediate solutions and save lives. Please spread them to get ideas/solutions flowing. Also please spread the Stinky Hands solution to avoid self infections to prevent need for ventilators (below).


Numerous studies suggest that probiotics in general can help boost your immune system and fight off infections, shorten the duration, and/or lessen the severity.

Give those most at risk the capability to make 11 fresh probiotics anytime (no exposure risk as it ships directly to their door). Also use with numerous milk alternatives (some even use water with sugar if desperate).