Freshest Probiotics Available

Fresh Cultured Food and Drink Every Day, Your Way... Only with the Probiotic Maker™! As Seen On "Shark Tank"!



Amazing with smoothies and fruit



Now you can make fresh probiotics with only 1 minute prep and no dirty dishes!



Not a bulky appliance. Wont take up space like conventional yogurt makers


Enjoy Healthy Cultured Yogurt and Beverages

Find the Perfect Blend of Taste and Benefits

Trying to cut down on sugar? Looking for dairy-free alternatives? The versatile Probiotic Maker™ gives you complete control. Boost your gut with the type of probiotic beverage or food your body needs. You choose:

  • Sugar level
  • Tartness
  • Type of milk: Skim (fat-free), 1%, 2%, whole (Keto/Paleo)
  • Milk alternatives with natural sugars & no harsh preservatives will do! Versions with high protein can also thicken.

Whip up your own delicious recipe to make your gut happy and to have your family and friends begging for more!


Good for Gut Health

Probiotics are essential to our digestion, immunity, and overall wellness. In fact there are over 140 benefits from probiotics in general. Traditionally these beneficial microbes would be found in naturally cultured foods. Unfortunately, factory processing and preservatives can kill off the natural probiotics so many people resort to taking pills. Yet pills are expensive and can die in stomach acid and take weeks to start working. On the other hand fresh probiotics can start working overnight.

Rural inhabitants of the Caucasus Mountains were living decades longer on average — even without modern medicine. Their secret? The fresh probiotics found in kefir!

Experts now agree that probiotic-rich liquids are the best way to boost your gut's beneficial bacteria. The only way to get truly fresh probiotics was to make them yourself but that could take hours of prep and days of fermenting. Now with the Probiotic Maker™, it only takes a minute of prep to grow your own cultures overnight and gain immediate benefits from the freshest probiotics in delicious yogurt, kefir, shakes, and more!


Save Money, Save the Planet!

Yogurt, kefir, and probiotic drink containers contribute to plastic waste that pollutes our waterways and harms wildlife (the leading drink generates 35 million plastic bottles of waste every day!). The Probiotic Maker™ makes up to a gallon of probiotic-rich liquid at a time, saving you money and reducing your plastic waste.

Batch = 100s of pills, 32 yogurts, 47 drinks, or 64 tubes!

So that one-gallon batch can eliminate over 100 pieces of plastic per batch (e.g. 47 plastic bottles, 47 caps, 9 cases, 9 shrink wraps…).

Plus, your family will always have fresh, delicious probiotic foods and beverages on hand. No more piling up your shopping cart with overpriced, sugary yogurts and probiotic supplements that take weeks to work.


Simple to Use, Even Simpler to Enjoy

The Probiotic Maker takes just 1 minute to prep! No dirty dishes or complicated equipment. Make your delicious and gut-friendly snack in three simple steps:

  1. Add the Starter Pack with 11 types of probiotic cultures to your milk or non-dairy beverage.
  2. Slide on the Maker and plug it in overnight.
  3. From about 8 hours on up, you'll have a probiotic-rich liquid that you can turn into a smoothie or enjoy as kefir. Culture longer for a little thicker yogurt!

Grow Your Probiotic Cultures the Right Way

Yogurt is made at lethal-fever temperatures that can kill mesophilic probiotics(like those found in kefir). While kefir is too cool for thermophilic probiotics to thrive(like those found in yogurt). Why not grow your probiotics at the temperature where they need to live: your body temperature! The Probiotic Maker™ cultivates them in the Goldilocks zone — not too hot, not too cold... just right! This way, you'll gain the benefits of both yogurt (thermophilic) and kefir (mesophilic) active cultures.

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