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Get your retail starter pack today to see why retailers are so excited to sell the EZYogurtMaker™ and have customers return to their store frequently to get more starter packs.

  • "I got the makers into the store and we sold 6 in the first 2 hours... We sold out again and my employees forgot to tell me to reorder in time!" Small Health Store, Cedar City, UT
  • "We have given out tens of thousands of samples and only had a handful of kids or adults who don't absolutely love the fresh probiotics. At our first show we sold nearly 70 makers and were getting so much attention the surrounding booths were complaining." Local Shows at expo center, UT
  • "We gave samples from our EZYogurtMaker to customers before a class on pressure cookers. After the class we sold 6 EZYogurtMakers and not a single pressure cooker! Now we like to give samples before all cooking classes."
    "Later we did a class on making yogurt in an InstaPot but also did a presentation of EZYogurtMaker with samples of different flavoring options. Every person who didn't already have an EZYogurtMaker bought one! A couple even bought more to give as gifts." Kitchen Store, Sandy, UT

*All Utah wholesale customers must email their Sales Tax Exemption Form to before placing their first order.

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