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Factory products can take weeks or be weeks old!

Pills can die in stomach acid and take weeks to start working (if ever).

Factory Probiotics

× Pills can take weeks to start working

× Only 1 strain in leading pill or drink

× Reduced CFUs after processing & storage

× Making your own before could take hours

× Yogurt temps are too hot (can kill mesophilic probiotics), kefir temps are too cool for thermophilic probiotics to thrive

× Factory products can be expensive (one customer is saving over $40.00 per week for just one person)

× Cause millions of pieces of trash every day

× Lots of scary ingredients/preservatives

× Limited options for KETO, Paleo…

× Limited options for non-dairy

+ Fresh probiotics can start working right away!

+ Get benefits of 11 different types of probiotics

+ Grow TRILLIONS of CFU of 11 fresh probiotics

+ Only a moment of prep and no dirty dishes

+ Not too hot or too cold = Perfect temp. to get benefits of both thermophilic (yogurt) and mesophilic (kefir) probiotics

+ Make fresh for less than buying ANY probiotics as 1 Batch = hundreds of pills, 32 yogurts, 47 drinks, or 64 yogurt tubes!

+ 1 Batch saves 100+ pieces of plastic/garbage

+ You control flavorings, sugar, fat, milk type… 

+ Use Full Fat for KETO as probiotics consume carbs to grow

+ Use milk alternatives with natural sugars & no harsh preservatives (high-protein versions can also thicken).

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+ 11 Probiotics: Not just 1 like leading pill/drink

+ All Natural: No preservatives, added sugars…

+ Versatile: Use a variety of milks & alternatives

+ KETO: Probiotics consume carbs to grow

+ Fat-Free: Use skim for yummy Fat-Free Shakes

+ Tastiest: Even kids are begging for more!

+ Save Planet: 100+ plastic/garbage saved/batch

+ Save Time: 1 min. of prep & no dirty dishes

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