Fat-Free Probiotic Yogurt/Kefir/Protein Shakes

Merrick's Favorite

I used to joke that skim milk is like white dish water with no flavor so why bother drinking it! However, the probiotics thicken up the protein and make it so rich and "creamy". So the fat free is actually my favorite:-). I have given hundreds of samples at shows and people can't believe it is fat-free with how good it tastes!

In fact, I lost 27 pounds with no exercise (as had broken foot) all while enjoying the fat-free probiotic protein shakes and saving room for more pie:-). There are numerous studies that showed that probiotics can help you attain and maintain a healthier weight.

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Fat-Free Probiotic Protein Shake Recipe


  • Fresh, purified bottle of Skim/Fat-Free milk
  • Starter packet with 11 types of probiotic "seeds"
  • ProbioticMaker™ to grow the fresh probiotics


  1. Add the starter packet to a fresh, sealed, purified bottle of fat-free milk.
  2. Replace the cap and then give it a little shake to spread around the probiotic seeds.
  3. Slide on the ProbioticMaker™ with the stretchy side over the handle area/air pockets.
  4. Plug in the maker overnight to grow trillions of fresh probiotics.
  5. Leave the maker on until the milk starts to thicken or you can see some whey separation (the yellow liquid is whey protein separating). You can leave the maker on longer for more tart and a little thicker (e.g. 10.5 to 11 hours typically).
  6. Unplug the maker and remove from the bottle.
  7. Gently place the bottle into the refrigerator to cool completely (it is best to not shake the warm probiotics as that can cause dramatic whey separation later).
  8. Flavor the cooled probiotics as desired by the glass, bowl, shake, or even the entire bottle. (Shaking or blending will break up the protein clumps so you may want to gently stir in already blended ingredients or flavorings).
  9. You can strain off the whey to make Greek yogurt or strain even more for cream cheese (see video below).


You can flavor as desired but here are a few flavoring ideas from customers:

Basic Vanilla: Add ~1 cup sugar to entire gallon and squeeze in a bunch of vanilla flavoring (estimated to be 1/2 to 1/3 sugar vs factory products like 32 low-fat yogurts or 64 yogurt tubes)

Fresh Strawberry: Most popular flavoring ever! Blend up a bunch of fresh strawberries, sweetener, and vanilla and flavor the entire bottle (it has never made it to bedtime at our house as everyone inhales it:-).

Fresh or Frozen Fruit: Blend up some sweetener and fresh or frozen fruit and flavor an entire bottle.

Extra Protein: Add some chocolate protein powder to flavor and add extra protein

Sugar Free Lemon Meringue: Use Stevia and some lemon extract

Sugar Alternative: Use Monk Fruit as an alternative sweetener

Whey Options: Some feed to their pets (our dog begs for it more than any other treat. Some freeze into ice-cube trays for added protein and probiotics. Some add to green smoothies...

How to make Greek Yogurt or Cream Cheese


  • Bottle of finished probiotics, cooled
  • Yogurt Strainer or Cheese Cloth with drain bowl


  1. Prepare the fresh probiotics and cool completely in the refrigerator.
  2. Add the desired probiotics to the strainer or cheese cloth/strainer/drain bowl
  3. Place in the refrigerator to strain the desired amount
  4. Remove the Greek yogurt (or cream cheese if strained longer) and place into the desired container
  5. Enjoy as is or flavor as desired


  • Jam or Jelly or Preserves: My personal favorite is to stir in some raspberry preserves/jam and enjoy on a toasted bagel.
  • Experiment with seasonings/herbs, whipping in some air... Have fun and enjoy!
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