Milk Alternatives

How to Make Fresh Almond, Cashew, Coconut, Oat, Rice, Goat Milk, Soy... Yogurt/Drinkable Yogurt/Kefir...

The process of making milk alternative yogurt/drinkable yogurt/kefir couldn't be easier. You simply add the starter packet, slide on the Probiotic Maker™ and plug it in overnight to grow trillions of 11 fresh probiotics overnight. Then in the morning cool, flavor, then enjoy!


Natural Sugars: There has to be some natural sugars for the probiotics to consume to get the energy needed to grow. Check the label for carbohydrates and sugars to see there are some natural sugars present.

Avoid Preservatives: You will want to avoid harsh preservatives that can inhibit probiotic growth. There are even some natural preservatives that can inhibit growth. So you may want to avoid Vitamin C, Ascorbic Acid, Vitamin E... Some of the alternatives worked even with preservatives "to protect freshness" or "to preserve flavor" but we had to go much longer than normal as they slowed down the probiotic growth quite a bit. Some milk alternatives with Vitamin C or more Ascorbic Acid didn't grow the probiotics even after nearly 24 hours of culturing (normally would never go over 12 hours).

Protein: Remember that if you want the probiotics to thicken the proteins then there has to be enough proteins present (e.g. 8 grams per cup like regular milk). In some cases with very little protein, you could see the protein "flakes" had congealed/thickened but there was not enough protein present to thicken all the liquid.

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Here are the brands that worked in our tests (videos below) and a few customer tests (remember to maybe culture a little longer to see if turns tart). We ran the test batches much longer than usual to get definitive results (e.g. ~24 hours but you may only want to culture until it turns tart normally well under 12 hours max). You only need to culture until it turns tart (or starts to thicken on versions with a lot of protein).

Please email us with other brands you have tested and whether they worked or did not and we will send you a couple of starter packets for testing.

Brands that worked:

  • Silk® 10g Almond Cashew (Merrick's favorite alternative, thickens as has a lot of pea protein)
  • Ripple® Original (Customer recommendation – we did not test)
  • Blue Diamond® Almond Breeze Original (only turned tart as not a lot of protein to thicken)
  • Simple Truth™ Vanilla Almond (only turned tart as not a lot of protein to thicken)
  • Simple Truth™ Coconut (only turned tart as not a lot of protein to thicken)
  • Silk® Soy Original (Thickened)
  • Great Value™ Soy (Thickened)
  • Planet Oat® Oat Milk (only turned tart as not a lot of protein to thicken)
  • Rice Dream™ Rice Milk (only turned tart as not a lot of protein to thicken)
  • Lactaid® Lactose-Free Fat-Free Milk (Thickened-probiotics consume the lactose to grow so normally wouldn't use lactose-free)
  • Meyenberg™ Goat Milk (Thickened-would like to try for cream cheese)
  • Orgain® Organic Almond Milk 10g Protein Unsweetened Vanilla (per customer "This did thicken really well")
  • Silk® Ultra, Unsweetened, 20g Protein(soy) (per customer "Worked Great!")
  • Silk® Chocolate Soy (per customer, normally you add all flavoring and chocolate after but customer said it still had a hint of chocolate)

What Didn't Work

  • Great Value™ Almond
  • Silk® Coconut
  • So Delicious® Organic Coconut Unsweetened (per customer)

Please let us know if there are any other brands that have worked or have not worked for you or of any brands that you would like us to test.

Milk Alternative Videos

Customers have reported great results using Ripple milk for more proteins to thicken. Now you can make thickened Almond Cashew probiotics using Silk® 10g protein. It is a great option for those wanting to avoid dairy, soy, or other allergens.

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