Learn how you can make full-fat and low/no carb KETO Probiotic Protein Shakes right in the bottle! Only 1 minute of prep and no dirty dishes!

Best of all, the probiotics consume the sugars/carbs to grow leaving you with delicious fresh full-fat low-carb fresh probiotics.

What better way to do KETO than to enjoy 11 of the freshest/healthiest probiotics all with the full-fat and then flavor with no-carb flavorings!

  • Save Time: Only 1 minute prep and no dirty dishes! Flavor an entire bottle for ready-to-go snack, meal replacement, shake, treat...
  • Save Money: 1 Batch = Hundreds of pills, 16 protein/nutrition shakes, 32 yogurts, 47 probiotic drinks, or 64 yogurt tubes!
  • Save the Planet: Every batch can save over 100 pieces of plastic/garbage from polluting our oceans and landfills!

Try it Risk-Free with 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

Ingredients and Inputs

  • Bottle of Whole Full-Fat Milk
  • Starter packet with 11 types of probiotic "seeds"
  • Probiotic Maker to grow the fresh probiotics


  1. Add the starter packet to a fresh, sealed, purified bottle of whole milk.
  2. Replace the cap and then give it a little shake if desired to spread around the seeds.
  3. Slide on the Probiotic Maker™ with the stretchy side over the handle area/air pockets.
  4. Plug in the maker overnight to grow trillions of fresh probiotics as they consume the natural sugars.
  5. Leave the maker on until the milk starts to thicken or you can see some whey separation (yellow liquid is whey protein). You can leave on longer for more tart and a little thicker (e.g. 10.5 to 11 hours typically).
  6. Unplug the maker and remove from the bottle.
  7. Gently place the bottle into the refrigerator to cool completely (it is best to not shake the warm probiotics as that can cause dramatic whey separation later).
  8. Flavor the cooled probiotics as desired by the glass, bowl, shake, or even the entire bottle. (Shaking or blending will break up the protein clumps so you may want to gently stir in already blended ingredients or flavorings).
  9. You can strain off the whey to make Greek yogurt or strain even more for cream cheese.


You can flavor as desired but here are a few flavoring ideas from customers:

  • Add some chocolate protein powder to flavor and add extra protein
  • Use Stevia and some lemon extract (Lemon Meringue Pie version)
  • Use Monk Fruit as an alternative sweetener