Make Sleeping Bags for the Homeless from Recycled Grocery Bags

For less than $1 make a sleeping bag to save lives of homeless that can outperform $100.00 sleeping bags! Also recycle grocery bags that you can't recycle normally.

See the instructional video below with the instruction images below that.


  • 4 Extra Large Garbage Bags (stronger construction or tear-resistant recommended)
  • Tape (duct tape recommended as packing tape can unstick when wet)
  • A bunch of grocery bags (can also use other bags as well possibly) - about 700 for full-size sleeping bag.

Instructions to make sleeping bag for the homeless from grocery sacks or bags

Instructions to make sleeping bag for the homeless from grocery sacks or bags page 2
Many raised concerns about condensation/moisture so we tested overnight in 70% relative humidity. I wore a face mask to retain heat/moisture. There was no noticable condensation for over 4 hours. After that I had breathed into the bag and there was condensation and it didn't feel as warm and comfortable. Regardless the inside temperature remained over 70 F and 21 C the entire night.

Just like with coats and layers in the cold you should open up and vent heat to avoid sweating and moisture that can wick heat later when it gets colder.

We want to help as many people as possible so let me know how we can help spread the word about the sleeping bags.

Probiotics can help boost immune system, help with nutrition, boost mood and mental health... So we also we want to help the homeless with fresh probiotics. So I will double any regular orders shipped directly to homeless shelters (e.g. you buy a maker and 6 starters and ship directly to a homeless shelter and I will double the order to 2 makers and 12 starters:-). Just put a note with the order that it is shipping to a homeless shelter.
Please let me know how I may help in any way. Merrick - mobile 801-484-5300