My life's goal is to help as many people as possible and I need your help to spread the word. I am terrible at social media and so I need your help to let others know about the benefits of the freshest probiotics out there.

We are also creating jobs for women in need paying 10 times as much. We need to ramp up sales to help keep these jobs and create more. In fact use code "LEARN" to save $30.00 off each maker with minor cosmetic imperfections or use code "EXPERIMENTAL" to save $37.77 off makers with more imperfections/character(makers all work the same just not as pretty).

Please read the over 100 5-star reviews to see how much people are benefitting "you saved half my stomach", "after hospital stay, all-liquid diet, ER visit, CT scan ... it was the only thing I could tolerate with my Celiac and got me back on my feet overnight! Family calls 'Merrick's Miracle Drink'", "after having this for a week and a half my 19-year-old with gultten issues had a donut with no issues - THANK YOU!!!"...

My Background: My passion is to find inspired solutions to solve big problems in a way to bless the lives of others. We have hundreds of inspired solutions for helping with water issues (my oldest daughter developed water trailer from recycled bike parts to free up 30 girls to be able to go to school per trailer), recycling plastic/garbage out of the oceans/landfills, saving much of the 40% of food that goes to waste, energy efficient devices/appliances, micro franchises for developing countries...

We have been blessed to be able to serve others. I saved up money to pay my own way for a 2-year mission to the Dominican Republic. When prompted we quit our jobs and moved to another state to help out at an at-risk boys' program. We want to start new self-sustaining programs to develop future leaders/fathers (average program is $6,300/month so those who need it most can't attend). We were also blessed to help open up a new city to microlending and the self-sustaining program helps 200 additional families every single year forever! We have ideas to replicate what works, minimize start up costs, maximize sales, optimize distribution... with a new Micro Franchising system.

We are grateful for the opportunities and inspired ideas to help others. The Probiotic Maker design and manufacturing methods were inspired(see history below). It has helped so many people already and we want it to help hundreds of millions more (in addition to saving billions of pieces of plastic/garbage).

We want to acknowledge the miracles that have happened to get us to this point. We were trying to find a way to produce the makers and help people. For years we tried helping single mothers, refugees, reforming convicts, Native American Reservations... and nothing worked out. Then when we learned our air date (2 months earlier than we anticipated) we were able to set up to create new jobs at the women's prison that was starting a new program the very next day! Now we are set up to make thousands of makers every week here in the USA.

When things slow down a little bit we want to work again at getting makers into schools, assisted living centers, hospitals (in some countries they require a probiotic drink for every patient every day), research...

I want to personally thank you for all you do to help others and for helping to spread the word to help as many people as possible. Thank you for your support.



Having 8 kids, we are constantly looking for the healthiest and most-economical way to take care of our children. There are over 140 benefits from probiotics in general so I wanted a way for our kids to get the probiotics they need.


Probiotic pills or powders are extremely expensive and can die in stomach acid and didn't work for me.

So I bought 4 cases of yogurt. Now we have 8 kids so guess how long those 32 yogurts lasted? Not even 2 days! They even found the ones I hid in the basement fridge!

So my wife bought 4 yogurt makers to make 32 yogurts but it took forever so we hardly ever made it. And when we did it filled the sink with 32 plastic cups, 32 tops, pots and utensils...

Also yogurt is made at lethal-fever temperatures that can kill a lot of probiotics (e.g. mesophilic cultures). Kefir is made at too cool of temperatures for thermophilic cultures to thrive. I thought to myself "If you want probiotics to thrive at body temperature then why not grow them at body temperature!"


As a natural problem solver, my motto has always been “There is always a solution, sometimes you just need to get more creative”.

There was no practical way to get a good variety of truly fresh probiotics so I set about designing a new product to solve this problem. I had several design criteria that would be World-Firsts:

  1. Make yogurt/kefir right in the milk bottle/jug
  2. Use skim milk to make fat-free yogurt/kefir (even though other makers say never use skim milk).
  3. Culture at body temperature rather than too cold(kefir) or too hot (yogurt). (I didn't know why nobody had thought of this before!)

Some additional lofty goals included:

  • Least expensive source for probiotics, yogurt, and kefir (Save you $$$$ - I have 8 kids and can't afford to buy 4 cases of yogurt every few days!).
  • Easiest and fastest way to make fresh probiotics. (Who has hours to prep a batch of yogurt?)
  • Made in the USA. (We need to create jobs here!)
  • Best tasting yogurt/kefir. (What good is a healthy and inexpensive product if people and kids won't enjoy and use it.)

These were incredibly lofty goals and something that nobody had been able to do before. I worked for months and months on dozens of designs. To produce in the USA, the product would have to retail for $250.00! Reluctantly, we tried to produce overseas but they couldn't do it right nor meet the nearly impossible, lofty goals. So manufacturing in China was expensive and they couldn't produce a product that worked right.

Finally after months and months of development and 27 generations of prototypes, we had the perfect, inspired design and manufacturing process. The Probiotic Maker™ was born. Now the optimum design is being produced right here in the USA for less than the costs in China for products that didn't work!

With the Probiotic Maker™ now there is a perfect solution to making fresh probiotics at home. The benefits of the Probiotic Maker™ include:

  • Save Time: No time for breakfast? No worries - just pour and go. Don't have hours to prepare a batch? Just 1 minute of prep time for an entire bottle!
  • Save Money: Save a fortune every month (as low as pennies per serving). Make 11 of the freshest probiotics for less than buying ANY pills, powders, kefir, drinks, yogurt...
  • No Mess: No washing dishes/pots/pans, no boiling/sterilizing, no preheating/cooling, no thermometer, no timers, no pots/pans, no containers to wash every time...

Our family started benefiting from the Probiotic immediately. The kids now had a ready-to-go, healthy breakfast or snack for whenever they are in a hurry. They enjoy a nighttime snack that helps them go to bed and sleep better. Our visits to the doctor's office have dropped over 75%, especially during strep, ear-infection, and flu season. The pediatrician even told my wife "we never see you anymore".

Lost 24 pounds without exercise making my own yogurt protein shakes probiotics.

I continued to use whole milk for the kids and started using skim milk for Mommy and me. I ended up losing over 24 pounds (from June 2 to January 5th in the photos the total was actually 27 lbs. but I just say "over 24 pounds" to be conservative) all without any exercise (broken foot) and while saving room for more pie!

My rule became "if it isn't good for me and doesn't taste good then I am saving room for more pie". I even started leaving the pie crust (lard and white-flour so not good for me and doesn't taste good to me so I would rather have 2 pieces of pie and leave the crust:-).

Also, I haven't drank milk for decades and I continued to re-break my foot when I would exercise for nearly a decade. But after enjoying the fresh probiotics everyday, I have been able to start exercise again and have not re-broken my foot since! I must have been missing something like the calcium, vitamin D or the other 9 essential minerals and nutrients because I haven't been drinking milk for decades.

So many others have been enjoying similar health benefits, cost savings, time savings... all while enjoying the delicious taste.

In fact, my wife contacted me as she was concerned the neighborhood kids had just had 4 servings each and were still begging for more. I replied "And? It is really good for them and it is cheap. Let them have all they want:-)". When have you heard of kids begging for something that is good for them (and super inexpensive)?!!

We are very grateful that so many people are benefiting from this inspired product that is also blessing our family. We hope you get the opportunity to benefit as much as we all have. Please help spread the word to help as many people as possible.

Thanks for all you do to help others.

Father of 8 and of the Probiotic Maker